Power Factor Correction is a measure of how efficiently electrical power is consumed and is defined by the ratio between the power that is actually used (kW) and the power that is actually supplied (kVA).

A power factor close to 1.00 will ensure the power bill is as low as possible.

There are numerous benefits to be gained from equipment installations;

  • Power consumption reduced.

  • Half-hourly and hourly metered electricity bills reduced.

  • Lower contracted tariff.

  • Reactive power penalties removed.

  • Electrical energy efficiency improved.

  • Extra VA availability from the existing supply.

  • Voltage stabilised.

  • Mains cables may be reduced in size, saving you money.

  • Extended equipment life due to reduced heating.

  • Equipment such as motors will run smoother.

  • Lighting will be brighter and less prone to dimming.

  • Less site maintenance required.

  • Continuity of service.

  • Greenhouse emissions reduced.

  • Increased environmental reputation.

Power Factor Correction will deliver immediate results whilst payback can usually be achieved within a couple of years. However, the technology is not simple and you should consult a specialist before installing.