Business: PFC Electric is a privately owned UK electrical engineering business specialising in Power Factor Correction and Power Analysis. The company is focussed on providing expert solutions for all types of business and is well equipped to carry out any projects regardless of size or technical capacity. We continue to maintain our place in the forefront of the industry by utilising innovative engineering concepts and the latest technology.

History: Founded in 2008, PFC Electric has quickly built a reputation based on exceptional customer relationships with a personalised and responsive service which includes attention to the smallest detail. Our range of available technical expertise allows us to resource projects within a business network that has the most relevant experience, skills and knowledge.

Mission: Power generation is largely responsible for the increase in greenhouse gas emissions (mainly carbon dioxide) and it is generally agreed to be the root of the slow increase in the Earth's temperature. PFC Electric is committed to promoting the efficient use of energy and in reducing the amount of energy consumed during the day to day operations of businesses. Power Factor Correction is at the centre of this providing an efficient method of reducing transmission losses through reactive current reduction.

Investment: PFC Electric offers a full range of products that can be installed directly alongside a switchboard or customised to suit individual site requirements. By providing the most energy efficient systems available, and by tuning them to a specific installation, our customers can be certain they are achieving the best possible savings and getting the quickest return on any investment. When committing to one of PFC Electric’s solutions, clients are not only making genuine savings but are also getting a tried and tested product that will give many years of trouble free service which will pay for its self over and over again.

Our Goal:

  • To grow through a reputation for customer satisfaction.
  • Provide sound, impartial advice.
  • Always offer the latest technologies.
  • Provide the best and most suitable products.
  • Deliver bespoke, high quality installations.

Our Promise:

  • To provide the same professional and respectful service that we would want for ourselves.
  • Never pressurise customers or make false claims.
  • To walk away from an installation if not financially viable for the customer.

Our Commitment:

  • To always provide competitive prices in today’s market.
  • To provide a dedicated, professional workforce.
  • To never forget freedom of choice.