Power Factor Correction Services

Single Phase Capacitors - (C93 Series) - Extremely reliable single phase capacitors, specifically designed for the power factor correction of low voltage electrical plants, also in the presence of high harmonic currents. Manufactured with a low-loss self healing metalized polypropylene film, overpressure device and external discharge resistor.

Three Phase Capacitors - (C9T Series) - A space saving range of capacitors, cost effective as mounting and connection time is significantly reduced. Manufactured with a low-loss self healing metalized polypropylene film, overpressure device and external discharge resistor. Three single phase elements are delta connected and hermetically sealed. Range 5 to 30kVAr.

Modules - (C88 Series) - Fixed power factor correction in a modular assembly. The modularity of C88 family enables obtaining the needed reactive power by properly combining several modules with a simple and fast electric and mechanical link.

Racks - (C91 Series) - Designed for OEM customers, these pre-wired sub-assembly racks offer easy incorporation into power factor correction cubicles, either stand-alone or inside main low voltage switchboards. They are provided with mechanical runners, contactors and 100KA fuses. Suitable for highly harmonic polluted plants, the range includes various combinations of stages with standard racks up to 100kVAr and de-tuned racks up to 50kVAr.

Fixed Cubicles - (C9BS Series) - Suitable for individual load applications where correction is best applied at source. Units are housed in a steel enclosure with robust power terminals and power indication. Available with or without a main switch. Standard range up to 75kVAr.

Mini Automatic Cubicles - (C94 Series) - This range offers a compact and space saving design complete with door interlocking isolator and digital control relay for flexible control. Floor standing and wall mountable with top cable entry. Protection degree IP30 with closed doors, IP20 on the parts under voltage with open doors. Incredible value for money on this range. Available up to 200kVAr.

Automatic Cubicles - (C92 Series) - Automatic PFC equipment suitable for medium/heavy industry. They are provided with a suitably rated door interlocking isolator but can be upgraded to a switch-fuse or circuit-breaker. The range is available as standard or fitted with harmonic blocking reactors for anti-resonance systems. Manufactured with top or bottom cable entry and can be custom built for expansion in the event of further correction being required. Panel mounted man/off/auto switches with indicator lamps and IP54 filters are available as low cost options.

Digital Control relays - (DPF Range) - Reactive power control relays for automatic PFC installations are designed to secure an accurate control of all the electrical parameters: Voltage, Current, Cosj, Thd % in current, Ambient Temperature (probe), Active, Reactive, Apparent Powers, max values extracted from measurements or through a reliable calculation algorithm. Optimal usage of contactors and capacitors by taking into account the phenomena of distortion typical in industrial plants. All models in this range can be set up for single or three phase systems. Versions available in 380/415VAC & 220/240VAC.

Harmonic Blocking Reactors – (M6T35 Range) - Especially conceived and designed for racks and automatic power factor correction equipment installed in networks with a high harmonic load. With high linearity and tuned to the capacitors, these reactors ensure a lengthy service life, extremely low losses and low noise emission during operation. Their working principle consists of translating the resonance frequency of the installation under the harmonic to a lower magnitude so as to avoid triggering phenomena of resonance. The range can be tuned to 189Hz (p=7%) or 133Hz (p=14%), when the problematic 3rd harmonic may be present.

Control Transformers - (SCL Range) - Double wound with earth screen between windings. Frequency range 50/60 Hz. Terminal block connection. Good access to fixing flanges. Continuous duty. full varnish impregnation for silent running. Conforms to EN60742, IEC742, IEC61558.

Contactors - (UA) - Contactors used in the automatic panels are specifically designed for capacitive loads, and for this reason are provided with pre-insertion resistors and reinforced special contacts. Contactors must be sized according to the rating of the capacitor bank it’s switching and the control voltage should be specified when ordering.

Thermostats - (KT) - Ensure components are operating within their approved temperature range by maintaining the minimum and maximum conditions within cabinets. These DIN rail mountable thermostats have control ranges of -10 to +60 degrees °C and can be used with heaters or fans.

Fuses - (NH) - Fuses with top and combination indicator are available in a large variety of voltage ratings, body sizes and operating classes. Only use superior quality fuses for cooler running and efficiency when installed with capacitors.

Fuse Bases – (NH) – Ceramic and Polyester fuse blocks are available in single pole configurations with or without finger-safe covers. Fuse blocks come standard with stud connectors for ease of wire termination. All fuse clips are silver-plated copper and fuse clips are spring re-enforced for superior conductivity.

Fuses - (Cylindrical) - A wide range of physical sizes and ampere ratings for 250, 400, 500, and 690 volts AC. Most ratings are available with an optional indicator and all industrial fuse-links have the option of a built-in striker. All cylindrical fuse-links have ceramic bodies and silver-plated ferrules.

Fuse Holders – (Modular) – Ultra safe fuse holders qualify as "finger safe" to an IP20 grade of protection, including fuse changing (with the flick of a finger). Ultra safe fuse holders are available in 1, 2, 3 or 4 poles, with or without visual blown-fuse indicators in each pole. Save up to 15% mounting space and any combination can be snapped onto 35mm DIN rail for extra savings in panel building time. The body material is tough and durable polyamide, with exceptional insulating properties.

Resistors - (220kΩ) - Safety discharge resistors for capacitors are dimensioned to discharge the capacitors in the time and to the voltage foreseen by the CEI EN 60831-1/2.

Current Transformers - (Split-Core) - Suitable for cable or bus bar. Encapsulated current transformer, resin cast with built in mounting feet. Suitable for cable and bus bar applications with the option of multi or single ratio taps. UK Manufactured for high quality and conforms to IEC 185/BS7626 & BSEN60044-1/IEC. Rated system voltage 0.72/3kV. Insulation level 3kV for 1 minute. Continuous current, 1.2 x rated current.

Cable - (Tri-rated) – Single core electrical cable specifically designed for use in panel building and installation into conduit. Electrolytic annealed copper conductors covered with flame retardant high temperature PVC insulation. Tri-rated Cable is often referred to more generally as panel wire, switchgear cable, T.R.S (tri-rated singles) or BS 6231 Cable.

Cable – (YY) - Ideally suited for use as control, signal and power cables in a variety of applications. Its high flexibility ensures easy installation whilst the tough external sheathing will resist the effects of many acids, caustic solutions and various oils. Cores are black with white numbers and one green/yellow, coloured core option also available.

Cable – (SY) - Has the added protection of a galvanised steel wire braid and transparent PVC outer sheath. It retains flexibility and ease of installation and offers a high degree of mechanical protection often extending the service life of an installation. Cores are black with white numbers and one green/yellow, coloured core option also available.

Cable Markers - (PA) – Secure identification marker sleeves for unconnected wires and cables. Designed to interlock when fitted, enabling easy alignment of multiple character markings.